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Things are looking up

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Things are starting to look a bit better today. First of all, my girly bits are just fine and the IUD isn’t coming out. It is right where it’s supposed to be and everything looks healthy up there. The doctor said that I am probably having cramping because my body is still adjusting to being off the pill (and actually going through real cycles of ovulating/menstruating), plus the IUD is of course making the cramping worse. She of course offered taking it out as an option, if the cramping is too much for me, but it isn’t really that bad. It’s more that I was anxious about it meaning something damaging was happening, which it is not. So I said I wanted to try to tough it out a bit more – it should improve. It probably hasn’t helped that this month has been especially stressful. She was really nice to me and didn’t make me feel silly at all for coming in; she said anytime I am feeling concerned to just come back and they will have a look. And she didn’t downplay any of my symptoms or anything. I really like the birth control clinic, they are so nice there.

I’m still feeling kind of yucky and a bit crampy but it’s not too bad. My period’s over now. I am feeling better today than I was yesterday and the day before for sure… always the way I guess that when you get in for the emergency appointment you made, that you are feeling better! I have been mostly taking it easy today. I had booked sick off work because the appointment was late in the day, and because I was expecting to be feeling really awful afterward. As it was, really not too bad. Maybe a little more sore from them poking around in there but nowhere near as bad as after I had the IUD put in.

We did go to Futureshop today to look at the Bosch appliances again. We were debating buying the set of four – the range, fridge, dishwasher, and microwave/vent hood. So we asked about a price for the package and turns out they’re having a one day sale today – 20% off everything! I know that such sales are a bit gimmicky but since it was a set that we really wanted anyway, it felt like the universe was telling us to buy. So we did! We ordered all four pieces. They are holding off delivery until our kitchen is ready for the pieces. It hurt to spend that much money but actually it wasn’t much more for the four pieces than what we were looking at for just two pieces before. It made sense to buy the whole set because it matches, they are just so super nice. The fridge especially is REALLY nice. The dishwasher and microwave/range hood seem fine, and the stove seems very good quality too. It’s a bit cheaper than some we were looking at before and doesn’t have as many fancy features, but it definitely looks like it will do the job.





Then tonight my dad and Sam came over and started getting the kitchen ready. We still have to get the cabinets ordered but we are pretty much ready to do that too. It’s pretty exciting but kind of scary to embark on a big project like this! I just can’t wait for the end result. I’m sure it will be worth all the hard work.

In addition, it feels like we’re getting closer with our negotiations with the downstairs co-owners of our home. Which is of course the reason we’re going ahead with our kitchen – looks like we might not have to move!

So, everything in life seems to be working itself out.

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